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Last updated 1/29/2020

What Pro's say about our Equipment!

I've used the Patriot 2xp Green w/battery pack 4 times already since my recent purchase for roach clean outs. What a tremendous machine!  The pinpoint flushing action is the best I've worked with in the past 34 yrs. Its a very easy machine to use with no electrical cords to set up. Just lift it out of the truck and you're ready to go. Makes for a clean efficient job with less vapor in the residence to air out for less time consumption. Don't know how I made it all these years without it.
With this piece of equipment, I feel I am ready for war with its many uses. Great work Barry and thanks for being very reachable with any questions I've had.
Economy Pest Control
Palm Harbor, Florida
Dear Barry:
I am writing you this email to thank you for building such a good machine (  Patriot Green 2XP) and wonderful customer service. I hope you still remember me , Sarah Wu, from Evertrust Integrated Marketing Co. The owner of Evertrust Marketing Co received your products for a while already and have test your products in the fields. The owner is very impressed with the performance and describe your product as " simple and easy to use with outstanding performance." " state of the art craftsmanship" . He also wanted me to pass his best wish to your company.
Sarah WU, Evertrust Marketing CO. TAIWAN

Dear Barry, We have found the Patriot Ninja applicator to be become one our most valuable tools for treatment of bed bugs and other household insects. It gives us the ability to treat void areas through small access points, provides extreme coverage in areas such as baseboards, intricate areas of furniture & bed frames and can assure you that it provides proper coverage of the control materials. It's use for the control of ants is amazing...treat a crack along on the exterior of a structure and see the smoke like droplets come out 10 feet away...then watch the ants pour out. For stinging insect control nothing can work better to introduce a material into void areas and/or other inaccessible areas where these pests like to harbor. This rugged and durable unit (easily maintained) with it's smoke like mist has saved us time eliminating call backs, money applied materials and given us the added assurance that we have introduced the applied materials where the pests live and harbor.

Rod Kreimeyer, Owner Best Pest  Somerville, MA

Craig Thomas Pest control has found the Patriot Injector to be a very effective
in controlling and preventing carpenter ants, cluster flies,wasps, cockroaches,
and many other numerous invaders. We used Micro-injectors and ActisolsTM
machines in the past and the Patriot Injector by far is a superior Unit.
With carpenter ants being our number one pest, the Patriot injector precision
targets the materials and fits into our IPM programs by using less chemicals
Craig Thomas
President Craig Thomas Pest control
Hyde Park NY

Dear Barry,
A1 exterminators has purchased several Patriot Injection Systems and the SG-30
Universal spray handles. The units have performed above our expectations and their
innovative design has made them easy to service.
The SG-30 spray handles have completely eliminated the downtime associated with
frozen and cracked wands as well as cable snaps. We intend to to have all our sprayers
equipped with these handles.
Gary Weisberg, President
A1 Exterminators Lynn MA


You make the best pest control tools out there.
How about some termite application stuff.
I have replaced all of our B&G handles with your Crack Free SG-30 handles and the Patriot Injector never has a day off. I am sick of my termites tools. So lets get busy so they are on the market next spring.

Murphy, Owner Yankee Pest Control Malden, Ma

I've been using Unifix Product for the Past 2 years. The craftsmanship of their products second to none. All the components are made from the highest quality materials available.
This has translated to easier more precise applications, less down time due to repairs and easy maintenance.
The company seems to be on the cutting edge and is always improving product lines as well as inventing new products.
The customer support has been excellent.
If you are like me, and only want the best for your technicians and customers alike, try out the Patriot injection System and see the difference for yourself
Vic Palermo, President
Ultra Safe Pest Management Inc. Boston MA

Dear Barry,
You recently rebuilt 4 Micro Injectors for us, I'm happy to report that they are way better now then they were when I originally purchased them.

It is a good thing that we still make things in this country and that they work.
It is somewhat rare these days when things come as good or better than they are advertised, and your products definitely achieved that.
Thanks again for your efforts.
Sincerely yours
Art Tournet
General Manager
Vermont Pest Control



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