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Battery Powered Aerosol Fog BEAST FOGGER

Patriot Powered Backpack + 40v blower attachment.

Powerful Blower shoots ULV fog droplets up to 50 ft.

This unit is custom and requires 7 day build period.

Tank size 64 oz 

run time is 42 minutes per charge 24v 2 ah battery 

BEAST Includes

Patriot backpack unit including 1 24v battery and charger

and includes 40v blower and 40v battery and charger and 

blower is made to simply attach to the Patriot backpack.

Unit varies from above prototype picture.  Units come with 

metal frame and metal tank.


  • Item #: BEAST FOGGER
  • Manufacturer: UFX EQUIPMENT
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: UFX-BEAST


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