B.A.T Patriot Battery Aerosol Treatment
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New From UFX, the 2014 Patriot B.A.T Battery aerosol Treatment

24 volt battery operation

11.5 lbs with full tank

Includes Shoulder Strap

Includes Battery and Charger

Lithium Ion Proven performance from Greenworks 2,000 + Charges

Same Patriot Motor Performance, same made in USA Patriot Components.

Smaller, leaner body, smaller tank and 100% battery operation.

24 v battery provides 45 minute run time >1 hour charge time

extra batteries available for purchase

Dimensions:  length 12inches, Width 4.5 inches, Height 7 inches Weight 9.9 lbs empty 11.5 lbs full


  • Item #: BAT
  • Manufacturer: UFX EQUIPMENT

B.A.T Patriot Battery Aerosol Treatment

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